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People often ask us how natural medicine can improve their lives.  As an acclaimed Holistic Center, we are committed to bringing you quality care and a long term relationship.  Read about how holistic medicine has impacted the lives of our patients through these testimonials.

In early 2000, I injured my knee severely.  My primary care doctor recommended a total knee replacement because according to him, my knee was never going to get better.  

I wanted a second opinion from Dr. Mena.  After he evaluated my knee and X-rays, he recommended Prolotherapy.  

This nonsurgical reconstruction therapy repaired my knee and now I walk without a walker or a cane.  For 21 years, I have been coming to Dr. Mena for Prolotherapy and other regenerative therapies. I'm currently doing IV therapy for COVID-19 prevention.

Grace S


 I have been a patient of Dr. Mena’s for over 10 years now. I have been so pleased with

his care and that of his staff, that I have also brought in all of my immediate family

members and have recommended friends and acquaintances to his practice.

 Dr. Mena is a quality practitioner. When I come for a visit, I can tell that he is sincerely

there for me and listens with an open mind. He is generous with his time and answers all of my questions.

  On one occasion a few years ago, I had a debilitating vertigo for the very first time. With Dr. Mena’s very specific recommendations and a few supplements, it cleared up within two days. I haven’t had it again since.

 Perhaps the most profound result of one of Dr. Mena’s treatments happened in

December of 2023. I had been discussing with him the possibility of using stem cells

and exosomes to treat a long-standing low back injury, a nagging shoulder issue, and

pronounced pain and inflammation in one of my knees. Dr. Mena recommended that we

also add PRP (platelet rich plasma from my own blood) to the treatment, then after

these injections to the three respective areas, he recommended administering the

remaining stem cells and exosomes via I.V. to serve as a boost to my immune system.

Prior to this treatment day, I had stopped taking a daily biologic tablet for a few days in

order to receive the maximum benefit of the stem cells, exosomes, and PRP. I had been

taking biologics in one form or another for about 11 years to lessen the severe effects of

my ankylosing spondylitis autoimmune condition. Though I was sore at the injection

sites, I was beginning to feel pretty good overall – less pain and inflammation from my

condition – so I decided to take a chance and continue not taking the biologic (which I

had never been able to stop for more than a few days without suffering severely). I am

happy to say that it has now been six weeks and I’m doing well without the biologic. I

feel better than I have in a very long time. There are a couple of other new things I’ve

been trying, but I’m very confident in saying that my latest treatment from Dr. Mena has

been a major contributor to my much-improved health status. I’m going to refer to it as the magic of Dr. Mena.

Jonathan L


I have received various treatments over a ten year period from Dr. Mena.  He treated my Epstein Barr virus with Live Cell Thymus Therapy and there was a significant improvement.  My faith in Dr. Mena and the natural treatments is enormous. Treatments that I have received with ongoing success are Chelation Therapy, Vitamin C infusions, anti-aging treatments such as, PRP and Microneedling, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.   At 71 years old, I feel great nearly 100% of the time.  The down side of aging that most people feel can be avoided with Dr. Mena’s treatments.  I highly recommend Dr. Mena for anyone tired of allopathic medicine, try holistic, it works!    

Sandra B

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