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I, Dr. Mena, personally thank you for visiting our website. This is the first step in taking charge of your health. I believe knowledge is empowering, the more we understand our bodies and its potential, the more successful we are as a team to obtain optimal health. I encourage you not only to tour our website, but also to come and visit our facility and meet my team.


Our Team

Welcome to our Wellness Clinic! We are pleased that you have decided to join us in working toward good health and wellness. A team effort is important to providing the one-on-one care required to help you, the patient, attain optimal health. We don't focus on disease but on health.

We strive to uncover and support patients' healing capacities in order to nourish their body, mind and spirit to a state of balanced harmony. Once unity is achieved, health is encouraged.

We don't cure disease. Your body has the capacity to heal itself - if you let it. Our job is to assist you by removing the obstacles that block the healing energies. Our ultimate goal is to assist patients in achieving the maximum possible benefits to their health.

Los Alamitos Holistic Team Members
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